Monday, November 18, 2013

Rice Pilaf and Biryani

Rice is eaten all over the world. In Mahatrashtra, where my family is from, bhaat or rice is the first and last course. Masale bhaat is usually served as the first course of a wedding feast. During Narali poornima or the full moon in August there is narali bhaat or coconut rice. Sadha bhaat or plain rice is always present and eaten with waran (plain daal) during the meal and with yogurt at the end of the meal. Sakhar bhaat or rice with sugar can be served as a dessert. This rice can also be made with jaggery and is called gulbhaat. There is even rice with mango pulp mixed in called aamrasbhaat. Bhaat is usually served front and center on the plate so it can be eaten easily with all the sides. This is my collection of Rice Pilaf and Biryani recipes from all over the world.

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