Friday, December 13, 2013

Kobi Wadi (Pressure cooked Cabbage cutlets)

Kobichi wadi is a Maharastrian preparation of cabbage. It is a very healthy dish with besan used as the binding agent. As is the norm with Maharastrian cooking this dish has a perfect combination of sweet, sour, spicy and savory. This is a nice alternative to cabbage bhaji and is the preferred way of cooking cabbage in our house.

You will need

For the cutlet
1 small cabbage, shredded
2 tsp. tamarind paste
2 tsp. Madhava agave nectar (or use 2 tsp. sugar)
2 tsp. ginger garlic paste
2 tsp. chili powder
2 tsp. cumin seeds
1 tsp. turmeric powder
2 cups besan

1 tsp. mustard seeds
1/2 tsp. asafetida
1 tsp. turmeric powder
1 tsp. cumin seeds
olive oil

Put the shredded cabbage in a bowl and add all the spices.

Add the besan and mix together with very little water until it comes together. It will be sticky.

Divide into two portions. Take two pans that can be placed in the pressure cooker. Oil the bottom and sides of the pan, Spread the cabbage mixture in the pans.

Pressure cook. 3 whistles if you have a pressure cooker that whistles. For mine I leave it for 10-12 minutes after placing the pressure on the cooker. Remove the cooked cabbage and let it cool. Cut it into cubes.

Heat oil in a flat bottom pan and add the mustard seeds. When the seeds start to crackle add cumin seeds, asafetida and turmeric powder. Now add the cooked cabbage cubes.

Cook till the oil coats the cubes and they brown. Serve hot.

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