Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Sweet Dalia

I have tried savory Dalia before but nobody in the family really cares for it. I did not have raisins or cashews on hand but wanted to use the cracked wheat that was sitting in the pantry so I made it anyways. It went well with the left over Spinach parathas from yesterday morning and the sweet potato fries.

You will need
1.5 cups cracked wheat
5 tbsp. semolina
3 cups milk
5 tbsp. sugar
5 cardamom, shelled and powdered
2 tbsp. ghee

Heat a pan with the ghee and add the cracked wheat. Sauté for a couple minutes and add the semolina. Continue to sauté until the wheat turns a slightly darker shade and is crisp to the touch. Add milk, cover and steam for a couple minutes.

Remove lid and mix together. Cover gain and let it cook for another few minutes. Add the sugar, mix together. When the sugar is melted through remove from heat and serve.

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