Saturday, July 26, 2014

Edible Jewelry (Jewelry Made With Peda / Edible Jewellery)

Edible jewelry has been a part of our culture for a very long time. Who has not played with candy necklaces and bracelets as a child? Tomorrow begins the festive holiday season and so I made this necklace and earrings for all my girlfriends.

Several months ago I saw something similar online. Though I did not save a picture or link the image stayed with me. A few months ago I started looking for real jewelry designs for ideas. I really liked the new chunky designs. I figured peda would be my best choice of mithai as it is possible to mold it into an ornament with some amount of thickness. I used decorative gel along with edible pearls to decorate it.

Procrastination and last minute hurriedly done jobs do not go well with creative crafting. I made this in a hurry and it looks like it. Summer this year has been particularly hectic and I simply could not find the time to make this earlier. As such I settled for store bought gel, whatever was available. The tip is a little too wide and the colors not my first choice. I plan on making this again when I have more time to paint a more intricate design.

You will need
1 cup instant milk powder
4 oz. fat free condensed sweetened milk
1 tbsp. softened butter

Mix the ingredients in a microwavable bowl. Cook in the microwave for 50 secs stirring a couple of times. Taste to ensure the mixture is cooked through. When it cools down enough to handle knead to form a smoother soft ball. Place it on wax paper and shape into the necklace and earrings. If you plan on adding the cinnamon drops add them before the mixture cools completely. Cover in plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight. Color in the design of your choice with decorating gels (I used the kind sold for writing).

This is my entry for week four, day three of BM #42 for the theme Edible Art. Check out the Blogging Marathon page for the other Blogging Marathoners doing BM#42.


  1. This is amazing. .hats off to your creativity. .unbelievable. .awesome..fantastic. .

  2. Omg, damn cute edible jewellery, looks absolutely gorgeous..

  3. So wonderfully done Varada...looks so cute and nice..enjoyed this series!

  4. Wow, that necklace and ear rings are so cute and pretty. Yes I do agree, crafting and hurry do not go well. Loved all your entries for this theme.


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