Nepali Roti

Rolled out unleavened flat bread is eaten in India and its neighboring countries. It is a staple in Nepal. What I found interesting is that we too make a roti with milk in Maharashtra. It turns out softer than the roti kneaded in water. To make this roti vegan I used warm water in place of milk. Using warm water also assists in keeping the roti soft.

There are several variations of the Nepali roti. This is one such variation.

Recipe adapted from here
You will need for 9-10
4 cups whole wheat flour
1 tbsp. sugar
1 tsp. salt
1 tbsp. oil
~ 1/2 cup water

Sift the flour and salt into a large mixing bowl. Add the sugar. Warm the water for 10-15 seconds in the microwave and add it a little at a time to form a soft dough. Depending upon the location, temperature and humidity you may or may not need all the water. It is okay to add a little extra if needed. The resulting dough should not be sticky. Knead well, cover with a wet towel or plastic wrap and keep aside for an hour.

After an hour heat a griddle pan. Keep a clean tea towel ready nearby. While it is heating knead the dough to form a long cylinder. Cut off portions of dough the size of a lemon.

Place one portion of dough on a working surface. Using flour to prevent sticking roll out the dough to form a roti. Place the roti top side down on the heated griddle. Let it cook for a couple minutes so the underside has brown patches on it. Flip it over and cook the second side.

You will notice it start to puff up. Assist the process using the tea towel. Ball up the towel in your hand and press down on the roti taking care to see the towel and not your hand touches the hot roti.

Flip it over again and do the same. Take it off heat. Repeat with the remaining portions of dough.

Keep it in an airtight container with tea towels or paper towel underneath to absorb the moisture. Roti tastes best the day it is made.


  1. Very nice rotis, I keep adding milk or curd or warm water depending on the mood and what's next to me..:)..

  2. Plain roti or pulkhas I use water but for parathas I do add milk or warm water. Never tried butter. Will try next time.

  3. In Gujarat they knead the dough with just water , but I know lot of people kneading it with milk and water...the rotis turn out soft, and taste better.

  4. i suck at making rotis...i manage after sacrificing a few each time i make them....this recipe has sugar so i am quite excited about this one as I like the caramelised effect it may have lent to the final rotis...they look very neatly done

  5. Perfectly made rotis. Love you presentation.

  6. texture must be so soft and nice with milk

  7. Love the way you have arranged them varada, like a blooming flower!!!


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