About Me

I am Varada. I have always enjoyed experimenting in the kitchen and trying new dishes. But raising a child and having a demanding job ensured that cooking became more of a way to get dinner on the table than a source of joy on its own. I used to try new dishes whenever I could but it got infrequent. And then one day it all changed. My daughter, then a young teenager, asked me why dinner was always the tried and tested. She reminded me how much we all enjoyed digging in to something we had never tasted before. That got me thinking and this blog is the result.

I have really started enjoying the process of cooking. I found again the joy of baking, something I have always loved to do. I have found that food connects me to my past and also gives me something to look forward to. On the one hand cooking the dishes my mother and grandmother made is like finding your roots. Exploring new cuisines, trying out new grains and vegetables for the first time not knowing what the end result will be is like leaping into the unknown.

Blogging has given me an avenue to express myself. It has also served as a way to make new friends and meet fellow bloggers who are on the same journey that I am on.

If you love food then you will enjoy the different recipes I have on these pages. Stay awhile and browse. And don't forget to write me a note. I love to hear from you.