Baked Apple

A whole cored baked apple with a tablespoon of light brown sugar and raisins is a delicious way to eat your daily apple. This is a very simple recipe. The time taken is mainly in the oven.

You will need
Baking apple like Fuji, Golden delicious etc.
1 tbsp. light brown sugar per apple
5-6 raisins per apple
1 tsp. butter

Preheat oven to 350 F. Wash and core the apple. Using a knife score around the perimeter of the apple.

Mix together brown sugar and raisins. Stuff the core of the apple with the mixture.

I forgot to score the apple so I did it after it was stuffed. This step is very important or the skin will burst in the oven.

Place the butter on the top and put in the center rack of the oven.

Cook for about 40 minutes or until the apple is softened.

Let it rest for a few minutes. Serve will it is still warm. Makes a great afternoon snack for kids.