Lemon Posset

Lemon Posset is a medieval cream based dessert. It has a strong lemon flavor and a smooth creamy texture. Letting it sit in the refrigerator really brings out the lemon flavor. The candied lemon peel garnish enhances the taste.

This is my third recipe from the 'How to make a perfect...' series that runs in the Guardian Newspaper. I served this dessert after a meal of black bean burger and salsa. The recipe can be found here.

According to the linked post the recipe as written produces a grainy texture. The recipe calls for the cream mixture to be added to the lemon and not the other way around which may cause the grainy texture. As I read through the comments on the post I found a recipe posted in one of the comments that produces the expected smooth texture. The trick is to boil the cream for exactly three minutes and add the lemon to it. That is the recipe I followed and the texture was amazingly smooth.

You will need
half pint whipping cream
50 gm sugar
1 lemon
candied lemon peel for garnish (recipe here)

Bring whipping cream and the sugar together to a boil in a pan. Mark a timer for 3 minutes and whisk the mixture on medium high heat for the entire 3 minute duration. When the timer goes off take the mixture off the heat. Allow it to cool for about 5 minutes.

To this warm mixture add the juice of a little over half a lemon and stir. Taste and add more if needed. The mixture should thicken but not curdle. Pour it into molds and allow it to cool completely. Refrigerate for 5-6 hours.

Serve chilled garnished with candies lemon peel.

This is my entry for week one, day three of BM #38 for the theme How to make the perfect... Check out the Blogging Marathon page for the other Blogging Marathoners doing BM#38.


  1. wow very delicious and yummy posset :) love the lemon touch !!

  2. I want to finish a bowl rite now, very creamy and delicious dessert.

  3. Different dessert from usual one!! thanks for sharing!!

  4. Very unique dessert! Love it.

  5. I love this dessert and it is one of my favorite easy to-make dessert.

  6. Yummy dessert... Looks creamy & soft.

  7. I love desserts and yes is very similar to misthi doi, Looks very yummy and appealing.

  8. This looks so creamy and luscious. Lovely job.

  9. This looks so smooth and texture I loved it much.super peels there

  10. what an easy dessert. This is one I have been wanting to try

  11. What a beautiful dessert Varada! I recently made a cake with lemon and loved the flovours it gave..


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