Vegetarian Black Bean Burger

Black bean burger patti is in my opinion the best tasting vegetarian burger patti. It is also usually the only option for a vegetarian in a burger joint. It has evolved over the years as the demand for a vegetarian patti has increased. The earlier avatars of this patti tried hard to replicate the taste of their non-vegetarian counterparts making them close to unpalatable.

The best black bean patti I had was in California. I was on a business trip to the El Segundo business district, right next to LAX airport. I had to go out for a business lunch to a burger place. I do not remember the name but they served up the most delicious black bean burger. Since that trip I have tried to replicate the recipe at home many times.

You will need
1 large potato
1 1/2 cups dry black beans
1 small onion
1/2 red pepper
1 Serrano pepper
a handful cilantro
1 tbsp. coriander cumin powder
salt to taste
8 tbsp. olive oil, divided
1 tbsp. paprika (adjust to taste)

Soak the black beans overnight. Pressure cook the beans and the potato in a pressure cooker separately. Cook for 5 minutes with pressure on or 1 whistle. Turn off heat and let the pressure go down. Peel and mash the potato. Drain the water from the beans and mash half the beans.

Add the remaining beans and mash roughly. Do not overdo it. You do not want a paste.

Dice the onion, Serrano pepper and red pepper. Heat 2 tbsp. olive oil in a pan and add the onion and red pepper. Cook until tender. Add to the potato bean mixture.

Add the spices and salt to taste.

Form into 5 patti and place in a refrigerator for at least 30 minutes. This helps the patti firm up and hold up to the browning process.

Heat a griddle pan and drizzle some olive in it. Place one or more patti on the hot pan. Let it brown before flipping over. Brown the other side and remove from heat. Repeat for all the patti.

Serve on a burger bun with lettuce/spinach, tomato. Or serve on a plate with salsa.



  1. very interesting patti.... a must try for vegetarians

  2. This looks perfect and I did not give a try on this.but will try soon hereafter.

  3. I make these for my older one..Very healthy and filling one too.

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  6. Love this patti, healthy and filling..

  7. Healthy & delicious looking homemade bean burgers.

  8. Love the bean burger recipe. Healthy and delicious burger pattie

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  10. Wholesome and flavorful Burgers...Nothing can taste as good as the homemade ones :)


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