Indian Food Odyssey

Today I have finished a month long challenge. The goal was to blog a dish from a different state in India every day of the month of April, starting with the state of Andhra Pradesh and ending with West Bengal. It is especially interesting for me as I have not lived in India for a very long time.

Recipes gathered over the years from friends, colleagues and neighbors were brushed off and tried. For some states the recipes had to be gathered from the web. The dishes had to be prepared in advance to ensure a printable blog post with pictures. For at least two states cloudy weather dictated a do over while for three other states a do over was needed as the recipe turned out to be too simple. For two states the recipe was a disaster and had to be scrapped completely.

Some recipes brought back very happy memories not related to food. And the aroma of some recipes took me back decades to my childhood. I came to realize how blessed my growing years were, I was exposed to so many different sub cultures within India.

My family was so supportive through the entire process. They loved trying out the new dishes and enjoyed the tried and tested ones. On the whole it was an enjoyable experience.

Here is a round up of the Indian Food Odyssey.

Arunachal Pradesh - Rice Flour Momos

Assam - Bootor Dali

Bihar - Makhana Kheer

Chattisgargh - Lal Masur Kadhi

Delhi - Mango Lassi

Goa - Uddamethi

Gujarat - Dal Dhokli

Haryana - Choliya Subji

Himachal Pradesh - Katta

Jammu and Kashmir - Katta

Jharkhand - Sattu Paratha

Karnataka - Dudhali

Kerala - Payasam

Maharashtra - Marathi Meal

Manipur - Madhurjan Thongba

Meghalaya - Daineiiong with Jastem

Mizoram - Cauliflower Stalk Bai

Nagaland - Black Rice Pudding

Odisha - Besan Tarkari

Pudicherry - Snake Gourd Chutney


  1. i enjoyed being a part of the marathon with you. Loved each post Varada ( till what I have read till now) .

  2. Excellent recipes showcased in the journey. Loved all the artwork you have shared and you have been a very pleasant company through the trip!

  3. Varada, I enjoyed your mega marathon so very much, with your personal touch on the art and your childhood really make it so live!..great job!


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