Madhurjan Thongba (Sweet Besan Dumpling in Milk)

Today I am posting a recipe from Manipur. Every day this month I will post a recipe from a different state in India.

Manipur is one of the states in North Eastern India. For the longest time these states had very little exposure in the Indian mainstream. Manipur is known for Manipuri dance, the classical Indian dance style with its delicate movement and grace. But not much else is known about Manipur.

When I was searching for Manipuri recipes I reached out to a Facebook group. I received a response and offer to help. But by the time I got the response I had already found this website. I thought it would be easiest to stick to a dessert as the special ingredients in savory dishes are hard to find. I had leftover oil from frying the jalebi and decided to try Chakao Matum or black rice boondi. It tasted alright but the color of the boondi was off. So I decided to try a different dessert from the same website.

Madhurjan Thonbga is a Manipuri Athoomba or dessert. Sweet besan dumplings are dropped in thickened sweetened milk with some fresh coconut. The besan naturally adds a very unique and pleasant flavor in this sweet dish.

You will need
1 1/2 cup milk
4 tbsp. besan
2 tbsp. fresh shredded coconut (I used frozen)
2 tbsp. + 2 tsp. sugar divided
1 tsp. cardamom powder
1 bay leaf
Oil to deep fry

On a low flame bring the milk to a boil. Stir occasionally to prevent formation of cream.

In a bowl mix besan, 2 tsp. sugar and form a thick batter using a little water.

Heat oil in a small pan. Drop a teaspoon full of besan in the hot oil. Add a few more or as much as room permits. Brown both sides and drain on a paper towel. Keep aside.

When the milk boils add the bay leaf and 2 tbsp. sugar. Continue to simmer for a couple more minutes. Add the drained dumplings to the milk and continue to simmer for another few minutes.

Add the fresh coconut and cardamom powder. Turn off heat.

Serve hot or cold.


  1. Interesting dessert! Like the dish picked for this state. I like the composition and styling in the first pic. Your picture caught my eye and started commenting with your post, first comment for this state,

  2. sounds very new and i am sure it must have tasted the idea of the dumplings in milk!

  3. I can happily have some madhurjan rite now. love the set up.. Beautiful click there.

  4. Same pinch, Varada. Lovely presentation.

  5. would love to have some right now!!! seriously tempting!!

  6. lovely dessert. totally new but looks delicious

  7. This dumpling surely sounds good..esp if you like coconut..very nice presentation..

  8. This looks like a new dessert. I have seen besan dumplings in savoury dishes but this looks quite interesting.

  9. That is a very interesting Manipuri dish. Looks yummy!!

  10. Wow a totally unusual dessert. Its delicious and must have tasted yum.

  11. this sounds totally delicious. great find!!!

  12. Such a creamy and delicious looking dessert..

  13. Very different kind of dessert. Beautifully presented Varada...

  14. Madhurjan thogba a star dessert here .. looks super yummy and delicious dear !!

  15. Interesting. Sounds like a delicious kheer with besan dumplings.

  16. Ahh looks so yum! ! The dumolina must have tasted divine with all that soaking! !

  17. its amazing food i realy enjoy reading this blog


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