Sicilian Splash

A long time ago, close to 20 years, Olive Garden used to serve a mocktail called Sicilian Splash that my husband and I liked a lot. When it was pulled off the menu we looked for a copycat recipe. Back then it was hard to find the Torani brand syrups in our town. The syrup was the primary ingredient of this mocktail. We found it after a massive search and were able to recreate the drink in the house. It has never failed me till date whether it was served for a girls night out or a dinner party.

Now my daughter loves it and every summer insists we buy the syrup and make this mocktail. In fact it is part of our 4th of July tradition.

I don't really follow a recipe but go by proportions depending upon the size of the glass.

You will need
Ice cubes
Torani orange syrup
White grape juice
Sparkling water

Add ice cubes to the glass a little over half way. Add the ingredients in this order. First the orange syrup, then white grape juice and finally sparkling water in equal proportions. Pour the liquid along the side of the glass to prevent the layers from mixing together. Serve immediately.



  1. Oh god, this Sicilian splash is killing me, sounds like a prefect drink for upcoming summer..

  2. That's a totally new drink to me -- lovely golden hue ;)) perfect for the summer !

  3. now i am wondering about this new ingredient..torani orange syrup...the splash looks super tempting

  4. wow the first click!!! Amazing!!! refreshing..

  5. The splash looks gorgeous ! Now I gotta look for this syrup...

  6. Varada, I love this picture so much..your backup looks amazing..wish you click more pictures with this..:)

    1. Thanks Valli. That is my front yard. I wanted the sun to hit the glass from behind.

  7. Very interesting! My husband is fond of these syrup based mocktails and I am sure he wil love this as well.

  8. Drink looks very refreshing and I like the mess backdrop in the pictures.

  9. Looks awesome. I've seen the Torani syrups in the store, but never bought them -- will definitely try this drink out some time this summer.

  10. Where can get these syrups pls let me know....

  11. I cried when they removed this drink from the menu. Occasionally if you get the right server, you can get one of these drinks made as some of the servers remember the drink. I've been craving one lately, so I'm going to make this recipe a staple for the holidays this year. Thank you for sharing!


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