Double Strawberry Smoothie

If you like your smoothies sweet then this smoothie is not for you. But if you really like fruits and berries then you will love it. Three ingredients and ice is all it takes.

The first time I made this smoothie I decided to make just one cup for myself. I loved the rich creamy texture and the taste of berries. The next day I made it for my breakfast but asked my daughter to take a sip. Expecting a sweet smoothie she crinkled her nose at the mildly tart taste. Without thinking I starting my mommy lecture 'the first strawberry never tastes sweet. Your tongue needs time to adjust to the tart taste. By the third strawberry you start enjoying it.' She took two more sips and the next thing I know she put down an empty cup. It is that good. Try it.

You will need
1/4 cup cranberry juice
8 oz. strawberry yogurt (any brand)
a handful of strawberries (preferably fresh but frozen will do)
a handful of ice cubes (leave them out if using frozen strawberries)

Put everything in the blender and blend until smooth. If you have a problem with strawberry seeds run the smoothie through a sieve. No honestly, there is nothing you can do about the seeds other than use a different fruit.



  1. Adding strawberry yogurt is a great idea.

  2. Love the rich pink hue you got. Healthy smoothie.

  3. Very delicious looking smoothie Varada...

  4. Just wow, this smoothie is killing me..Fabulous drink.

  5. Lovely smoothie Varada. Simple and delicious.

  6. A Lovely and yummy looking smoothie.

  7. That's a beautiful colour. And a new combo...Strawberries have not hit the market shall wait for them.

  8. Looks so refreshing and loved the color of the smoothie....

  9. Double dose of strawberry flavor indeed. What a pretty colored smoothie!

  10. Cranberry juice is sure an interesting addition to this smoothie. Looks yummy!!


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