Eis und Heiss (Ice cream With Strawberry And Raspberry Sauce)

Eis und Heiss literally translates to 'cold and hot'. This hot and cold dessert is super simple to make and very delicious. When I found the recipe here I simply had to make it. It was perfect for a hot summer day. Ice cream with fresh berry sauce poured over the top - hot and cold

I found some really fresh raspberries and strawberries in Whole Foods. There is no real recipe here. Heat the fruit in a pan until the juices begin to flow.

Let the fruit cook in their own juice on low heat for about 5-10 minutes. If the fruit is very juicy and the sauce looks runny add a little cornflour to the juice to thicken it. Turn off heat. Let it cool a little. While it is warm pour over ice cream and enjoy!

This is my entry for week 36 of the 2014 52 week challenge for the theme hot and cold.


  1. I am sure I will love this hot and cold theme..:)..looks very nice..and bright!

  2. Ice cream and berries , who would say no ! Lovely dessert

  3. Indeed a nice recipe for summer. Hot fruit sauce with cold ice cream must have tasted wonderful..

  4. The hot and cold dessert is mouth watering. .I love these berries and a combo with ice cream will surely be a hit anytime.

  5. Such a refreshing & delicious summer dessert.

  6. Lovely recipe :). I can imagine the taste of this dish.And surely something my kids will love...

  7. love how the hot compote is melting the ice cream

  8. Oh lovely varada, i have some frozen berries, might as well try this dessert!!!

  9. Wow that is delicious I love teh flavours.


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