Gajar Ko Haluwa (Nepali Gajar Halwa)

Gajar halwa is a very popular and rather simple dessert. I have one version of halwa using pressure cooked carrots here. This is a Nepali version. I made this dish as dessert with a Nepali meal because I wanted something simple. This was perfect.

This preparation is very similar to the standard Indian preparation of the halwa.

Recipe adapted from here
You will need
2 carrots, peeled and shredded
1 tbsp. ghee
1 cup milk (preferably whole, at least 1%)
2 tbsp. sugar
1 pod cardamom, shelled, seeds pounded to powder
4-5 cashews to garnish with 1/2 tsp. ghee

Heat ghee in a pan and add the shredded carrots. Saute until the carrots are completely cooked and tender. Add the milk. Continue to cook until the milk is incorporated in the carrots and mixture is no longer runny. Add the sugar and the cardamom powder. Continue to cook until the sugar first melts and then it completely incorporated into the mixture. Turn off the heat. Heat the ghee for garnishing in a separate pan and roast the cashews in it. Add then to the halwa.

Gajur halwa taste great either warm or chilled.


  1. Carrot halwa is all time favorite!

  2. Carrot halwa looks delicious. My mom's recipe is also similar to this.

  3. Trust me I feel like picking that looks yum and am craving to eat:(

  4. yes pretty much like ours...looks nice...we will have to wait for the red ripe carrots for a few more months

  5. Who doesn't love this tasty dessert.

  6. one of my all time fave Indian desserts


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