Hungarian Meal

Hungary is one of the countries about which I know very little. Then I found the Hungarian ring bread. A beautifully made bread with intertwined rings. That was reason enough to want to cook a meal from Hungary. I wanted to try to bake that bread.

As with all the meals I cooked, I made the dessert and the most challenging recipe first. That way I ensured I would be able to finish everything to my satisfaction. If I was not satisfied with the dessert or the main dish I could always postpone it all to another day. For this meal I tried the bread first. Unfortunately, I messed up the proportions and it turned into a monster so big that I could not imagine cooking anything else that day. When I planned the meal again I left out the bread.

Mushroom Paprikas served on a bed of egg noodles was a perfect main dish to built the meal around. My daughter loves potato salad so when I found the potato dill salad I had to add it to the menu. I seem to be collecting the different types of cucumber salads out there, this is another tasty one. Lesco was a great side made with tomatoes, onions and Hungarian pepper. The coconut cookie roll has got to be the most delicious cold cookie I ever made.

My daughter who is very good at restraint when it comes to food went crazy about it. I had to keep her hands off.

As they say in Hungary, Jó étvágyat!

Here are the recipes for the dishes on the menu
And for dessert


  1. What an awesome spread Varada..everything looks amazing on the table!..did you make the bread again..I loved your ring bread.

  2. Feel like inviting myself to your place, you rock with your spread and seriously hats off for making a filling meal from each country,wish i can do as much as like u.

  3. I don't know where you got the patience to research and cook full meals for each nation. :) You are presenting awesome platters.

  4. You have a failed bread -- that is hard to believe Varada :-(
    Hungarian meal looks yummy.

  5. wow thats coconut cookie roll looks awesome and another great spread here :) Lovely choices of recipe .. Loving your meal platter..

  6. beautifully made coconut cookies nice spread.

  7. Wow! I just cant take my eyes off the coconut cookie rolls! Awesome spread Varada...

  8. very well researched menu..i liked how you are playing around your family's likings and building each first i thought there was no main meal until i saw the noodles under the mushroom..awesome meal

  9. love how you manage to find so many delicious Vegetarian dishes from every country

  10. Well planned and interesting menu, loved that cookie and the potato salad most.

  11. Colorful spread there! Loved both the salads and that cold cookie is a winner!!

  12. Delicious spread. I wish I had half your patience to try stuff like this.


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