Lebanese Meal

Today I am presenting a very simple Lebanese Meal. I debated on the country to pick for this letter. Initially I had picked Liberia over Libya and Lebanon because the food was so out of my comfort zone. Unfortunately so was the taste. When I floated the idea of a do-over with a different country my daughter was all for it. So I went with Lebanon.

The snake like baked dessert Mouwarka was the first recipe I finalized for this meal. It has such an interesting preparation. The endless ring is formed by rolling the dough from the center out to the edges. This is one of those recipes that allow you to play in the kitchen.

As a side I added the potato salad and cucumber tomato salad to the menu and used mint from the garden to flavor it. I really wanted to try out one of the thin Lebanese breads that are cooked on a convex griddle pan. I inverted an old cast aluminum 1/2 inch thick griddle to cook the Khobz marquq. I needed a stew to go with the bread. I used paneer to convert a stew recipe to make the paneer potato stew.

No new ingredients for this menu. But the spice mixture used for the stew is really one of a kind. Nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, black pepper, coriander and ginger all together! Smelt wonderful, and a little went a long way. My daughter told me this stew was one of the best she has ever had.

As they say in Lebanese, Sab’aa sahaat!

Here are the recipes for the dishes on the menu
And for dessert


  1. looking at your platters it gives a sense of being in control..which is for you...the recipes, the combination of flavors and the art of picking one complex recipe per meal is all obvious..and the serpent like dessert is indeed a good find. loved this one meal spread as well

  2. Someone else posted a bread prepared on a convex pan for this BM. Don't remember who that is. Nice bread though. It cam out really well.

  3. Oh, wrong tab. Earlier comment was for the bread post. The Lebanese meal looks delicious and a nice menu. I am liking all the backgrounds you are using to present the entire meal. Nicely presented and photos are beautiful.

  4. oh wow such an elaborate platter , irresistible spread and I love those endless ring depicts like a snake !! looks fantastic , great efforts :)

  5. A fabulous meal, that serpent like dessert is very inspiring, can start with that cucumber salad rite now..

  6. What an amazing Lebanese meal Varada and you call it simple, it is a very elaborate one indeed :-)

  7. Very nicely prepared and presented lebanese meal. Hats off to your efforts..

  8. Such an elaborate meal! The desert bread looks very interesting and love that potato paneer stew...

  9. Such an awesome spread you got there Varada, each dish sounds so nicely picked and complimenting each other..and did I say I love how you end your each post with the country's greetings..too good..

  10. that mouwarka looks so interesting but would also love to know what was so strange about the Liberian food

    1. There was nothing strange about it. We just didn't like the taste any of the dishes. Even my husband who tries everything could not eat it. It is so hard to come by recipes from the region, it was easier to switch to another country.

  11. Lot of research, planning and preparation must have gone into these meals from around the globe. Loving all your platters.

  12. Wow Varada! I love your saying " it allows you to play in the kitchen" Its been ages since I have done that, play... Plan to come back and try it out asap.


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