Lebanese Potato Salad

This Lebanese potato salad was the mildest of the potato salads I have tried so far. It works well when you have it with a very strong flavored stew. As with most potato salads it is simple and easy to put together.

Recipe adapted from here

You will need
1 large russet potato
1/2 lime, juice
1 tbsp. olive oil
salt to taste
1 sprig scallion
5-10 leave mint leaves

Boil the potato with a little salt. Ensure the water in the pan covers the potato completely. Test with the tines of a fork to check if done. If the fork cut the potato easily it is done. Drain and let it cool enough to handle. Peel the potato and cut into bite size cubes. Add the lime juice, olive oil and salt. Cover and keep aside until completely cooled. Meanwhile place the mint leaves one over another and roll them up. Cut as fine as you can to create ribbons. Dice the scallion both green and white. Add the mint leaves and scallion to the cooled potato salad.


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