Nepali Meal

Nepali cuisine is simple and delicious without the overpowering use of spices that drown the natural flavors of food. This meal was very well received in our house as our everyday food is not very different.

Dal bhaat (lentils and rice) and Roti (poli) are the staples of the Nepali meal. I built the menu around these. The alu kauli side is very similar to the potato cauliflower bhaji that I make. The tempering and flavoring ingredients are different and so is the order in which the ingredients are added. Kurilo Alu (asparagus potato) turned out to be delicious. This is a really nice recipe using fresh asparagus. For dessert I made the familiar carrot halwa.

Though I did not try out any new ingredients I used asparagus in a regular bhaji for the first time. I am so glad I did. This will be one of the ways I use asparagus in the future.

Was not able to find what they say in Nepal so Enjoy the meal!

Here are the recipe for the dishes on the menu
And for dessert


  1. I want to stop by your place for this delicious meal . Every dish is looking so tempting..

  2. Such a fantastic and comforting meal Varada, very nicely presented..

  3. You are torturing me daily with your beautiful meals, wish i live near you to invite myself to your place, i can happily start with the roti and finish my lunch with that gajar haluwa.

  4. feels like homecoming....this is an awesome spread neatly done, wish i had your patience, skills and artistic fervor in that order..

  5. Perfect choice of dishes Varada. Lovely presentation too.

  6. wow another fabulous meal from nepal :) looks fantastic dear ,wish I could finish meal now , you have tempted me badly !!

  7. asparagus is one of my fave veggies..a lovely addition I am sure

  8. This is one more amazing spread. Dal bhaat seems to be a popular dish from the region. And those rotis have come super soft and thin.

  9. Amazing spread. your intro has me wanting to check out the aloo kauli tarkari.Will come back to it,


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