Omani Meal

A one dish meal can be as filling as a spread made with several dishes. This Omani meal was filling, flavorful and satisfying. I had been very worried about making a meal from this country as I did not know much about Omani food. Omani meals are not really vegetarian but their dishes use a lot of ingredients, a lot of them vegetarian, so it was possible to easily convert this dish by using paneer in place of the non vegetarian protein.

The main dish Paneer Kabouli is my vegetarian version of the original Omani Kabouli. Except for the substitution of panner I retained the original recipe. We found this dish very flavorful. It is made with Kabouli, garbanzo beans or chickpeas that I use frequently in our house. I was glad to have found this dish showcasing the flavors from Oman. For dessert I made Halawet Ahmed. Halawet Ahmed is a simple but popular vermicelli dessert.

I did not use any new ingredients in this meal. But I found the main dish very interesting. The paneer pilaf was cooked separately. The garbanzo beans and onion were cooked on their own and then used as a topping for the pilaf. The two flavors blended very well.

As they say in Oman, bil hana wa shifa!

Here are the recipes for the dishes on the menu
And for dessert


  1. One pot meals are one of my favorite and this meal I am sure was filling with all that protein and fiber. Nice flavorful one pot meal and delicious desserts must have made a complete meal.

  2. Paneer Kabouli looks absolutely prefect for me, love one pot meal very much. Wonderful spread there, i can have that delicious halawet ahmed rite now.

  3. Kabouli biryani version looks delicious and the entire meal looks awesome , i loved the color of your dessert

  4. Very nice and inviting meal Varada, off to check the rice..

  5. wonderful way to add paneer for veg option in kabuli :) they looks so tempting !! Halwat ahmad is sure an addictive dessert to indulge :) tempting meal for oman !!

  6. All the recipes are interesting and all put together surely make a super delicious meal.

  7. Very interesting and inviting Omani meal.

  8. love the meal tidings in each language you have fouind

  9. Delicious and yum meal. Your description of the main dish has me intrigued.


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