Qatari Meal

As the only country with the letter Q I was a little worried about finding recipes from this country to make a full meal. But as with Oman, Qatari recipes use a lot of ingredients in their dishes so it is possible to use substitutes to make a non vegetarian dish vegetarian.

A lot of the dishes from Qatar are Arabic in origin and are eaten with regional variations all over the middle east. Machboos is a one dish meal which I have made vegetarian with the use of paneer. For a side I made Fatayer Sabanek, a spinach filled pastry. Fatayer is also made with a cheese filling. The cheese is usually salty in taste. I had a little leftover cotija cheese that I mixed into the spinach filling to give it added taste. For dessert I made Basbousa, a simple dessert similar to sheera or halwa. Baking the semolina mixture gives it a lovely cake like consistency and taste. This was a very tasty meal and we loved all three dishes very much.

No new ingredients were used in this meal but I enjoyed making the Machboos. Now even though the Machboos is filling I wanted to try Fatayer Sabanek. I just knew it would be delicious by reading the recipe and I was right.

Here are the recipe for the dishes on the menu
And for dessert


  1. Such a filling and hearty meal..I am sure even with just three dishes, it must have been so good..and satisfying!

  2. lovely spread again, and nice unusual recipes...although I expected machboos the two are new for me

  3. All three dishes have been made very well..with absolute perfection.

  4. Fatayer are my favourite, tried them few months back and loved it. Btw machboos sounds quite new for me, else basbousa is my all time favourite.

  5. All tempting fare! Love the spread.

  6. All teh three dishes look good Varada!

  7. All the dishes look so very yum Varada. Wish I was eating them and you cooking,


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