Friday, September 5, 2014

Salatet Zabadee (Egyptian Cucumber Salad)

Salatet Zabadee or cucumber salad made Egyptian style is flavored with mint and goes very well with any meal on a hot day. Cucumber and yogurt both feel cool to the touch and together make a great summer salad. It is little wonder that some form of this salad is made in every country with blazing summers.

The flavor of mint can be very strong, use sparingly. I thought it made the salad very fresh tasting but my daughter did not like it at all.

Recipe adapted from here

You will need
1 cucumber
1 cup yogurt
4-5 mint leaves, minced
salt to taste
olive oil to garnish
paprika to garnish

Shred the cucumber and leave aside for 15 minutes. Meanwhile in a separate bowl whisk the yogurt until smooth. Squeeze the juice out of the cucumber and add it to the yogurt. Add the minced mint leaves. The recipe also called for minced garlic but I left it out. Add salt to taste. The dip is ready. Serve on a platter garnished with olive oil and paprika.


  1. Oh wow. .I make this very regularly but never got around posting time do add garlic..just 1 pod well will enhance the complete flavour.

  2. This is so soothing and nicely presented Varada..

  3. I love cucumber raita and would not mind mint & garlic in this salad.

  4. stunning...loved the juicy olivy salad

  5. I want to make this refreshing cucumber salad soon.

  6. Varada, the garlic would have added a nice touch to this dish.Do add it the next time you make it.And the pic is great!

  7. Looks delicious. We add coriander to it...the mint must make it even more refreshing

  8. Looks yum. I love the falvours that are here like you I too will not add garlic.:D


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