Welsh Potato and Onion Cake

This was the first dish I baked in my cast iron pan. I made it as part of a very rustic meal. I baked and served it in the pan. My daughter loved it.

Recipe adapted from here.

You will need
1 large Russet potato
1 medium onion
2 tbsp. butter, melted
salt and black pepper to taste

Some butter for brushing

Preheat oven to 400 F. Wash, peel and slice the potato. Soak it in water for a few minutes. Drain and discard the water. Wipe off water from potatoes using a tea towel. Combine with the butter, salt and pepper in a mixing bowl. Keep aside.

Dice the onions. Season them with salt and pepper.

Apply some butter to the cast iron or any oven proof pan. Layer the potatoes and onions, starting and ending with a layer of potatoes. Bake covered with aluminium foil for 30 minutes. Uncover and brush the top with a little butter. Bake uncovered for another 7-10 minutes to allow the top to brown.



  1. I like the idea of baking the cake in a cast iron. It looks rustic and delicious. You managed to include potatoes even in this meal, though it is not a salad. :)

  2. It looks very beautiful. .and tempting. .your creativity reflects in this potato and onion dish.

  3. That is such a simple, yet flavorful dish.

  4. So beautiful made Varada..awesome..

  5. Looks so good varada. I will try this in a regular pan...

  6. i love your cast iron pan....it is something i am eyeing for a while , with this recipe it makes more sense to make on a lazy afternoon


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