Food Photography Event Roundup

I am celebrating the first anniversary of this blog this month with a food photography challenge. This is the first event ever hosted on this blog and it was a learning experience too.

I had asked fellow bloggers to link their best picture of the month to this event. I also asked them to explain why they thought this was their best picture. I got eight beautiful entries and I am grateful to all those who participated.

Let me start with my post and best picture for the month. I chose baked gulab jamoon as the post with the best picture. It was the first time I was able to click a picture of liquid in a bowl without reflections. I was even able to add flatware to the picture without it reflecting the camera. I used manual aperture mode but what I think did the trick was the brightly colored fabric in the background. Here is the picture, you decide.

The following entries were from fellow bloggers. Each had a different explanation for the picture they chose.

  • Srivalli and Archana had lovely pictures that was hastily put together
  • Tanya sent in a beautiful picture
  • Usha was able to tell an elaborate story through her careful thought out picture. 
  • Harini gave some useful details of camera setting and weather conditions used for her picture
  • Ree gave a detailed explanation of props and colors used to create her picture
  • Sarita also sent in a beautiful picture
  • Suja chose mood lighting to create a lazy afternoon with a snack, tea and a book

I have enjoyed all the entries and reading about what went on behind the camera. Thank you all for participating in this event.


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