Kid's Delight - Colorful Dishes - Event Announcement

Nature is colorful whether it is flowers, birds, animals or fruit and vegetables. Color is good for us. A blooming colorful garden makes us happy. On a hot sunny day a deep green canopy of evergreens feels cool and pleasant.

But did you know the same is true for colorful food? Our body needs naturally colored food. Not only does such food look appetizing but is provides us with a wide array of nutrients. How many times a week do you to cook, bake, steam or in any way prepare food that is naturally colorful?

This month I am hosting Kid's Delight an event started by Srivalli of Spice your life. As part of this event I challenge you to cook dishes that are colorful and have the stamp of approval from a child. I understand this 'approval' can be subjective. My child has a mature palate and will try anything. Your child may be picky. I will accept all entries as long as they are vegetarian (eggs okay).

Here are the rules.
Prepare a colorful dish and blog about it between the 16th of February and 15 of March 2015.
Link to this post and Srivalli's Kid's Delight post.
Entries should be colorful but without the use of artificial colors.
Multiple entries are allowed.
Children in your life should have approved this dish.
The dish should be vegetarian (eggs okay)
Archived entries will not be accepted.

Bloggers and non-bloggers are invited to send in their entries to with the subject line 'Colorful Dishes'. Please include the following in your email.
Your name and the name of your blog
Name of the recipe
URL of the post
Picture of the dish

I look forward to all your colorful dishes


  1. Thank you for hosting Varada, will be sending you my entries that I have tried to make as colourful as I could..very great theme, challenged me so much!


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