Apple Milkshake

Milkshakes with ice cream blended in is a special treat. My daughter enjoys a cool milkshake and when the temperature hit 80 I thought it would be nice to celebrate the oncoming spring. I added a cup of ice cream to the apples to make this creamy milkshake.

The first time I made this milkshake was when I got my new Vitamix blender. I took the blender out of the box and ran a cleaning cycle to make sure it was working. I kept the clean blender ready for when inspiration struck. The day I made this milkshake I got all the ingredients in the jar and placed the jar on the base. I plugged in the blender, set the cycle to smoothie and hit start - nothing. The blender would not turn on. It did not matter what I did. Finally I transferred the contents to my old Magic Bullet and blended it. There were chunks of apple but we had milkshake. Now I had the jar to clean. So I filled it with water and dish washing liquid and placed it on the base. Again, nothing. I was convinced I was going to have to call customer service. I reached over to unplug the machine when my fingers ran over a switch - the powder switch. I flipped it and the light went on. Both on the Vitamix dial and in my head. This was the root of my problem. I am so glad I did not call their customer service line. It would have been so embarrassing! After that I have always gotten my Vitamix to work for me. Now for the recipe.

You will need
1 cup vegan vanilla ice cream
3/4 cup soy milk
2 apples

Blend together until smooth. If you like the shake thicker use more ice cream.



  1. lovely shake, looks delicious ! Jayanthi (

  2. Love this milkshake to the core but unfortunately due to my allergy, i stopped completely having apples..

  3. Though we don't have the 'Milkshake & Icecream' kind if weather yet, would love to slurp that milkshake.

  4. That is a great first day Vitamix story Varada :-)
    Apple milkshake looks frothy & delicious. I have lot of apples in the house, may be I can use some of them to make this even though our temps are still in the 30s. baahhhhhh.

  5. Love this milk shake.. fruits and vanilla combo is very nice.

  6. That's a refreshing milkshake.Love it esp coz it has ice cream :)

  7. Lovely milkshake and so quick to make! This always comes in handy for the evening run :)

  8. Delicious Milkshake, perfect for this summer.

  9. Ah you had some experience there with this milkshake..good one..

  10. I am so happy with my vitamix too.Love the frothy milkshake there.

  11. Ha Ha, Lovely reading that switch story varada!!! That Milkshake looks totally yumm!!!


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