Fire up the oven - An assortment of baked dishes

I love to bake. I love baking bread, dinner casseroles, desserts and traditional recipes. Though I like to bake cakes and cookies my real passion is trying out Old World recipes using my natural levain also sometimes called a sourdough starter. During the month of April a group of blogger friends got together for a baking event we called Fire up the Oven. As part of this event I showcased baked recipes using a different theme each week.

The first week I had recipes that were fun to bake. The second week was sourdough breads. The third week was baked hor d'oeuvres. The last week I posted one dish from each course ending the week and the month with a dessert. Here is a recap of everything I baked.

Everything is better and more fun with friends and this was no exception. It was nice to chat and plan with friends. Showing off your special pictures and admiring the pictures shared by friends ahead of time made the whole journey enjoyable.


  1. Elegant and many beautiful bakes i have learned through u, u just rocked Varada..

  2. Varada, you have got such a wonderful collection of bakes here..all your bakes are awesome and I hope to make them someday...:)

  3. That was an amazing baking marathon Varada. Loved all your bakes especially the beautifully shaped breads. I have so many of your bakes bookmarked -- hopefully I can get to them soon.

  4. Varada i am totally impressed by your bakes . Trust me each and every bake was interesting and I enjoyed this marathon with you.

  5. I enjoyed all your bakes and specially the breads. It was a virtual treat . Enjoyed doing the marathon with you


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