Blueberry Yogurt

Fruit with yogurt is very popular in summer and flies off the shelves. You can make this fruit flavored yogurt at home. All you need is your favorite yogurt and some fruit. I used fresh blueberry. You can use any fresh berry or stone fruit. My daughter is not very fond of the store bought versions but she loves this homemade version. The sauce can be made ahead and you can have a bowl every day of the week.

The recipe is really simple.

You will need
1 cup yogurt
3 tbsp. blueberry sauce

Layer the two as desired. If you like it all mixed in whisk the two together.


This is my entry for week four, day two of BM #53 for the theme Fruits in any form. Check out the Blogging Marathon page for the other Blogging Marathoners doing BM#53.


  1. Love the simple yogurt blueberry sauce .. Sure kids love this yummy dessert.

  2. Home made stuff is always better than the store ones, and this yogurt looks delicious!

  3. what a color combo..wanna grab that spoon..

  4. I buy a big box of flavored yogurt from Costco, will try the homemade version.

  5. I too love all fruits with yogurt..very refreshing in our summers...good one..

  6. Looks yum. Hubby will love it for sure.

  7. I am planning to make some fruit yogurt this summer. I've stopped buying the store bought ones years ago when I realized almost all of the brands have gelatin in them. Love your simple and yummy fruit yogurt.

  8. Homemade flavored yogurts are so much better than the store bought ones. Looks so good Varada!

  9. Thats a wonderful dessert, i can finish that bowl anytime.

  10. it looks so pretty and I am sure is so much better than the store bought version

  11. The blueberry sauce in yogurt sounds very yumm. Our favorite berry!!


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