Fresh Frozen Poli / Roti

If you are like me, like fresh poli / roti everyday but do not always have the time to make them, this post is for you. Rolling out the flat bread is easy but time consuming. During the morning rush it is not always possible to find the time. For years I stuck to making poli fresh everyday. This is my post with details of how you do that. Then I started this process of freezing half cooked poli. Since then I switch back and forth between the two. You can make these over the weekend and freeze them. When needed during the week you can cook them as needed. This poli will taste pretty close to the one made fresh the same day.

Pardon the pictures. I realized I did not click any after I had taken the poli off heat. I will update this post when I cook the next batch.

Follow the process detailed here to make poli. But do not cook it all the way. After the first flip give it a few seconds and take it off heat.

Let it cool completely and then place between sheets of parchment paper. Put the paper with the poli in a freezer bag and freeze until needed.

When you need it let the poli thaw at room temperature. The frozen poli may be brittle so handle careful. It will soften as it thaws.

Heat a griddle and finish the cooking process.

Let one side cook until brown spots appear, Flip and place on the open flame until the other side is cooked. Alternately, you could cook both sides on the pan.


This is my entry for week three, day three of BM #57 for the theme flatbreads and pancakes.


  1. I have never frozen rotis before. Perfect for busy weekday dinners and for make ahead parties.

  2. I have heard from my friend about the semi cooked rotis frozen for later use. I have not had the opportunity to try this. A handy tip for sure.

  3. Its a simple process to roll the roti, but time and counterspace consuming to do in the mornings. Frozen seems to be a good alternative choice.

  4. I agree with you....making fresh rotis everyday is quite tough. Will try this idea sometime. Usually I cheat and make rice instead when there is no time for rotis.

  5. This semi made rotis come handy when one has time crunches or is tired.
    I usually make rotis when I have time and freeze them. I just reheat them on the pan when needed. They taste like freshly made ones.

  6. I do the same way too, they are really handy when you are bored to cook especially the dinner..

  7. I either make fresh roti or use the store bought frozen ones. I always have a pack in the freezer. I should try this method of freezing fresh roti for later use.

  8. what a great idea - like Usha i buy the frozen ones but maybe ill try this next time


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