Summer Fruit Salad

With Memorial day came the unofficial start of summer and on cue the temperature soared. Then we had rain, a lot of rain, but as soon as it stopped raining the temperature rose again. Typical summer weather - where humidity plays with your hair and the heat makes the afternoon nearly unbearable. One way to beat the heat is to snack on cold summer fruit. This salad helps you do just that.

There is really no recipe. Put together a medley of summer fruit. Dice the bigger ones to bite size pieces and squeeze a little lime juice. I like to add apples to bring it all together. Cool in the refrigerator for a couple of hours. That is it!

You will need (4 servings)
3-4 Strawberries
a handful of blueberries
a handful grapes
1 apple (I used Fiji)
1 tbsp. lime juice

Put the berries and grapes in a colander, rinse and allow the water to drain.

Core the apple and cut into bit size pieces. Mix in the lime juice and keep aside. The lime juice will keep the apple from turning brown and add a nice tang to the salad. If the strawberries you are using are large, cut them into 3-4 pieces. Cut the large grapes into two, if they are small you can use them whole. Combine all the ingredients and let them chill for a couple of hours.



  1. Simply love this kind of fruit salad, feel like grabbing that bowl and having rite now.

  2. This is my boys favorite and they would jump out of joy when they see the fruits salad :)

  3. I love this a lot and when I recently made it, used a lemon drizzle on good!

  4. I love fruit salads and your summer fruit salad looks totally amazing!

  5. Love this salad. Its delicious and just right.

  6. Colorful and very inviting fruit salad.

  7. A chilled bowl of fruits is always welcome..looks nice and colorful.

  8. lovely refreshing salad for hot summer days

  9. Very colourful and vibrant looking salad

  10. It is also a nice dessert when try to cut back on sugars. Refreshing fruit salad.


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