Chocolate Chip Pistachios Granola

Hiking trails is something my family loves. When we visited Alaska this summer it was on the top of our list of things to do. Healthy snacks and water is always a part of a hikers day pack. Our pack was no different. Chocolate chip, Pistachios Granola was one of the mixes we took along. This mix was made to order for my daughter. The Granola is has a apple cinnamon flavor. The pistachios are roasted and unsalted.

On the way to Alaska we had a stopover in Phoenix. Our flight was delayed and we were stuck at the airport worried we would miss our connection. This trail mix was a good distraction. Most of it never made it to Alaska.

You could add other nuts or seeds to this mixture or add white chocolate chips. Make sure you use mini chocolate chips so they are the same size as the rest of the mix. My daughter loves malt balls in the mix but they are usually stocked in the low bins. We have seen kids reaching into the bins with their hands while their doting parents watch so we only get stuff from the high bins.

You will need
1 cup Apple Cinnamon Granola (Whole Foods bulk bins)
1/2 cup roasted unsalted pistachios
1/2 cup mini chocolate chips

Mix all the ingredients together and store until ready to use. You can change the proportion as per your taste.



  1. Wow.. Another lovely granola with pistachios.. yummy..

  2. Very interesting , these mixes are so handy and make wonderful munch .

  3. The combination sounds wonderful Varada. This must be so delicious..

  4. what a great snack and with pre made granola so quick and easy

  5. Yum yum.. such healthy trail mix is a must for any trips..

  6. Granola looks so tempting. I love it with loads of pistachio and adding chocolate chip is a perfect treat.

  7. Wonderful combination varada, loaded with chocolate chips and pistachios, these must be tasting delicious!


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