Dates, Nuts and Seeds Trail Mix

When I began planning our family vacation to Alaska, I knew I would not have to worry about food on the cruise. But then we decided to spend some time in mainland Alaska and visit Denali, the tallest peak in the US. Bars and granola went on the list of things to take along. My daughter is very picky about these so we decided we would pick up whatever we liked the day before we left.

We made our way to the bulk bins in Whole Foods and put together ingredients for 3 trail mixes. This dates, nuts and seeds trail mix was the first. Sliced dates rolled in oatmeal flour, roasted sunflower and pumpkin seeds, roasted chopped almonds and pecans went into this mix. It was super tasty and made a great snack while we walked along the Nenana river near our lodge at Denali, outside the Denali National Park.

Denali National park is a wilderness area with a lot of wildlife. We had planned on walking the trails and expected to carry something to munch every time we stopped to rest. But then we were told that food attracts bears and some had been sighted close to the trails we were walking. We willingly left the food behind and used it instead when we walked the trails around our lodge.

You will need
1/2 cup roasted chopped unsalted almonds
1/2 cup roasted chopped unsalted pecans
1/2 cup slices dates rolled in oat flour (prevents sticky dates)
1/4 cup roasted sunflower seeds
2 tbsp roasted pumpkin seeds (optional)

The recipe is really simple. Make sure all the ingredients except the dates are crunchy. If not roast them for a couple minutes on low heat and cool completely. Mix everything together.



  1. Lovely recipe... very healthy mix for anytime muching.

  2. Love munching the trail mi. Rolling dates in oats flour sounds interesting.

  3. Alaska has been one of the places I have wanted to visit Supposed to be so beautiful. YOu must have had a great time and a great trail mix!

  4. I love these trail mixes , they are perfect for on the go or everyday munching . I like the combo you have used , will try it as we all are very fond of these mixes .

  5. Its an interesting trail mix..perfect for persons like me who love to munch on something all the time.

  6. Very lovely recipe, I have been so looking forward to make these mixes myself, looks like I got to wait for a while now..

  7. THis trail mix looks super inviting Varada.

  8. Wow varada, that is one super inviting trail mix ! And i have all the ingredients in hand, would love to try this, for a healthy snacking!


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