Raisin Chocolate Chip Granola

This was one of the trail mixes we took with us on our Alaska trip this summer. It was very handy when we went hiking. But it was also great after we went exploring around Anchorage downtown. I wanted to visit the Ulu knife factory about a mile away from our hotel and get an Alaskan Ulu knife for my kitchen. My experiments in the kitchen with that knife will be a separate post. My husband and daughter willingly walked through the light rain to get to the factory. It was a beautiful walk down the hillside, a river flowing at the foot of the hill and the factory close by. When we walked back to the hotel we enjoyed some hot chocolate/tea/coffee and this trail mix.

I made the Raisin Chocolate chip granola mix to try the new hemp oatmeal granola I found in the bulk bin at Whole Foods. It has a very light texture and I thought it would taste great when paired with something sweet or tart. Dried cranberries were an option but since this was to be taken on a trip I could not have anything sticky. I chose raisins instead and that was a great choice. I added the chocolate chips as I had some left over. You can leave them out and add some nuts instead.

You will need
1 cup granola
1/2 cup raisins
1/4 cup mini chocolate chips

Mix all the ingredients together.



  1. Lovely granola recipe... very handy.

  2. There are so many varieties , right? Glad to knew that you enjoyed all those on your trip.

  3. Simple and yummy homemade granola.. Lovely share..

  4. I have been reading so much about hemp , but I doubt Indian market has it . I loved all your posts on these mixes , as I enjoy these and keep experimenting with them.

  5. another great idea for trail mix. I loved the first one with dates the most and i will try that soon

  6. This is a really fun way of putting all our fav ingredients together. Totally in love with your trail mixes..

  7. i m loving your trail mix series varada, this one too looks great!


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