Mango Salsa

It is mango season and there are a dozen Haden mangoes in the house. They are very juicy and sweet. We have had mangoes in all forms over the last few days when I realized I have never posted the mango salsa. I decided to fix that right away and made this simple mango salsa. The mango was very juicy so I left the pieces big. For a different variety of mango I would have diced finely.

I used one mango so what you see in the picture is all I got. The amount of bell pepper you need is very small. I usually have a whole lot of fresh diced vegetables in the refrigerator. So I just pulled a really small quantity to add to this salsa. You could use more than one mango and increase the amount of bell pepper accordingly.

That never made it back to the bowl. It was all gone right after I took the picture. Mid morning snack for my daughter while she was on a break form studying for her summer classes.

You will need
1 mango, diced
1 tbsp diced red bell pepper
2 tbsp. onion, diced
1/2 serano pepper, deseeded and minced
4-5 sprigs cilantro, chopped
a pinch salt

Combine all the ingredients together and let it rest for a few minutes. Salsa is ready.


This is my entry for week one, day one of BM #89 for the theme Condiments on the side. Check out the Blogging Marathon page for the other Blogging Marathoners doing BM#89.


  1. This is one such colorful salsa,one if my family's favorite.

  2. Yum yum...salsas goes so well as sides with main course or chips...this looks colourful...

  3. That salsa looks so refreshing Varada. I haven't tasted this variety of mango, love that red hue on it. I enjoy the ease the salsa has and its a wonderful dish to snack on its own!

  4. That bowl of salsa looks so good Varada. The mangoes will add a nice freshness to the salad. This hardly takes time if we have chopped veggies in fridge..

  5. That bowl of salsa looks just perfect. I just bought a box of Haden mangoes today and I am tempted to make some!

  6. Dunno why am keeping myself away from dishing out this mango salsa, how delicious and irresistible its looks. Droolworthy.

  7. Wow ! We all love mango salsa , it is such a delicious one . Yours look perfect and truly a wonderful light snack to indulge in .

  8. A family favorite for sure. Would love to dig in with some tortilla chips :)

  9. Your Mango Salsa looks se inviting..Yet to try my hands on them, bookmarked!

  10. I love mangoes so much that I forget to use them in any other form. This colourful mango salsa must be quite delicious. I'm certainly going to try it :)

  11. I love fruit based salsa's - this must be fantastic with some tortilla chips

  12. Right in season... Mango salsa is definitely a star!!

  13. Mango and capsicum! Wow what a combo! Like you mentioned this would be a great snack on its own!

  14. That looks so refreshing! Have never tried mango with bell pepper....looks delightful


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