Olive Tapenade

Olive Tapenade, the name sounds so exotic! And the ingredient list is mouth watering. The first time I tasted it I fell in love. I had never used capers at home back then but I wanted to try the tapenade. My homemade version came out pretty good. And then I forgot all about it. A couple weeks back my daughter came home for summer. I spent a good deal of time listing all the dishes I would cook while she was home. I came across this old recipe and decided it had to go on the list.

As it happened I made sourdough crackers the day I made the Tapenade. It made the perfect spread for the crackers for an afternoon snack. I am glad I got all my pictures before I let the family eat it because there wasn't enough left for pictures!

When my daughter was little I worked hard to help her broaden her palate. Living in the US we have access to a variety of foods from all over the world, both restaurants and grocery stores. Luckily for me most Moms I interacted with were like me and that made it so much easier. Today she can appreciate a variety of tastes and foods. She is always excited to try something new and that makes it a pleasure to cook.

 You will need
6 oz Black medium olives
6 oz Green medium olives
5 tbsp. capers
1 clove garlic
2-3 sprigs flat leave parsley, I used cilantro
fresh ground black pepper

Mince the olives, capers, garlic and parsley. Combine with the other ingredients.

Update: I tried this again with a few variations and liked it even better. Added 1 6 oz. can of black and 1 6 oz. can of green medium sized pitted olives. These were minced and added to the recipe. Instead of 2 tbsp. capers I used 5 tbsp. of capers. The rest of the ingredients remained the same. This added a lot of depth to the Tapenade as the flavors of the different olives and finally the capers and garlic unfolded with each bite. I have updated the ingredient list.



  1. Very interesting condiment and the whole plate looks so inviting Varada. Its wonderful to know your daughter tried different food from young age, thats the way to go. Most times I am finding it hard to meet my kids taste in one dish!..

  2. Olive tapenade looks simply out of the world. I love this dark beauty simply with baguette. Its been a while i made at home. Inviting me.

  3. Interesting condiment , sounds real good . Must try it . And of course an excellent platter with those crackers .

  4. This sounds interesting and new to me.Must be a great condiment for those crackers..

  5. Very interesting. I haven't used capers so far. This one sounds like a good one to make.

  6. I am waiting for my daughter to grow up so that I could experiment lots of food. Your olive tapenade looks so good and those crackers have turned out perfect. The two would make an amazing snack..

  7. That sounds so interesting Varada. Must be a good side for those Crackers. Nice pics!

  8. We tasted the tapenade at some party and the boys sort of liked it as they love olives. I have not used capers myself and have been looking for a recipe to try it. I am bookmarking it.

  9. Never tried capers but this surely looks something my elder one would
    Like. Full of flavours and spicy too ! Bookmarkin .. any recommendations to replace the capers here, Varada ?

    1. You can try using green, kalamata and black olives and leave the capers out.

  10. I tasted capers ones, have yet to use it in my kitchen. Love the way you have presented this dish. Bookmarking this recipe ,completely new to me.

  11. I'm sure my son will find this spread interesting as he is fond of olives and capers. Bookmarking

  12. as I dont like olives dont eat tapenade but it is a much beloved fave by many so still a great recipe to have in the arsenal when hosting events

  13. So yummy and exotic indeed.. Beautiful clicks!!

  14. First of all love your serve-ware Varada and the whole platter looks inviting.My elder one love to try out new tastes / dishes and very adventurous when it comes to vegetarian food while my lil one is forever stuck to a certain list of dishes and never wants to venture out of it. Hope he grows out of it!

  15. That does sound so very exotic! Have to give it a go....and that plate is a delicious reminder for me to make some sourdough crackers! Yum


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