Sourdough Feta Cheese Tutmanik / Whole Wheat Bread

The Tutmanik caught my eye when I was researching breads for the baking marathon a long time ago. I bookmarked several in languages I did not understand. Only I had them as their generic name Pogacha or flatbread. I like the concept very much and knew the flavor of feta would be loved in my house but for the longest time I did not know what it was called. I finally found out. It is called the Tutmanik. It is made with white flour and commercial yeast both of which I try not to use. So I converted the recipe to sourdough and used mostly whole wheat flour. In doing so I sacrificed the golden brown color on the finished product but I am okay with that.

As you can see the bread is shaped using stuffed layered strips of dough. Finding the right dough and stuffing recipe was a challenge. Some used a lot of oil in the dough. Some used margarine or a lot of butter in the stuffing. This is a common dish in Bulgaria and so every household has a recipe. Finally I decided to create my own based on everything I had read for a moderate hydration dough with a little oil. I used just enough butter to moisten the feta. I chose not to go to the Mediterranean store for white cheese as they usually sell it in large quantities and I needed very little. I usually feta cheese

You will need
For the dough
50 gm starter 100% hydration
5 gm oil
80 gm whole wheat flour
80 gm all purpose flour
4 gm salt
95 gm water

For the filling
1/4 cup crumpled feta cheese, adjust to taste
1 tbsp. butter

For the wash
1 tsp cornstarch
2 tbsp milk

Combine all the ingredients for the dough in a large bowl. Form a ball, it will be sticky, cover and keep aside. After half an hour moisten your hand with water and fold the dough twice. Cover and keep aside. For the next two hours fold the dough with moistened hands every half hour. The sticky dough will give way to a shiny elastic ball of dough. This is the no-knead and stretch-fold method. Bulk ferment covered for another 3-4 hours.

Place the butter at room temperature to soften it. When the dough is ready prepare the filling by combining the softened butter with the crumbled feta cheese. Keep aside until needed.

Divide the dough in three equal parts. I use a kitchen weighing scale to do this. Using a rolling pin roll out similar sized rectangles for all three parts.

Spread half the feta butter mixture on one of the flattened sheets of dough.

Place the second sheet over it matching up all the sides. Spread the remaining feta butter mixture on the top and place the third rolled out sheet over the top. Match the edges and gently roll out so they stick to each other.

Now cut strips through the three sheets of dough. I used my dough scraper. You can use a knife or a pizza cutter. Prepare the pan you wish to bake in. I used a non stick spring foam pan. If you choose no stick you may wish to place a parchment paper on the bottom. Twist one of the strips of dough without stretching it.

Place it in the center of the prepared pan rolling it around itself.

Continue with the other strips going around in growing circles.

Cover and place in the refrigerator overnight to proof. In the morning preheat the oven to 375 F. Prepare the wash with corn starch and milk. Brush the wash liberally over the dough. Bake for about 40-45 minutes or until the bread the cooked through.



  1. OMG that is amazing Varada. I remember Vaishali saying nothing is hard for you and with this bread you have shown how easily you can convert something into your own liking. I enjoyed reading the post. Fantastic find!

  2. That’s an Awesome Artisan bread you have there ! And so good you could customise it to r liking too with sourdough

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  4. When it comes to bread you have magic in your hands Varada. What a beautifully shaped bread this is and love the feta cheese filling.

  5. What a beautifully shaped bread. I am yet to try out Feta cheese. I am sure we will like it too.

  6. That's one beautiful bread. Love the filling and with sourdough the overall bread must have tasted so good. Brilliant share for the theme.

  7. Wow! This bread looks gorgeous Varada. Making beautiful breads is always fun and this recipe is surely a keeper.

  8. Great Varada! The bread looks amazing. Since I have never made sour dough and have no idea about that, I'll try it with normal bread dough

  9. Wow.. love the way you worked with dough.. so interesting and artful.

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  12. What a lovely shaped Bread!! Love to just keep looking at the pic!

  13. Such a beautiful bread Varada. I always admire your bread baking skills. You have explained this process so well!


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