Pita Bread Wraps with Mixed Vegetables and Feta

Sometimes you put ingredients together just because you need to get a meal ready quickly and end up with something delicious. This wrap is one of those. It was not planned. I made the ultimate mixed vegetable salad for lunch and then we headed out to run errands. We got delayed and got home just before dinnertime. All I had was some leftover salad, some pita bread and some feta cheese. I put it all together in this wrap and it was all gone very quickly. Luckily I had the foresight to click pictures.

While there was no reason for this combo to taste anything but good, the flavors blended so well it was a total surprise. What started out as using up leftovers to make dinner turned into a keeper recipe.

I wanted to put the filling in the center of the unopened pita and wrap the pita around it but since the vegetables were diced into small pieces and not bound together very well I decided to cut the pita bread into quarters. This made it easy to eat. I guess any salad with a lot of blended flavors should work for this recipe.

You will need
3 pita breads
2 cups  Ultimate mixed vegetable salad 
1/4 cup feta cheese

Heat the pita bread on a griddle. Cut it into quarters. Stuff with the salad and sprinkle some feta cheese.



  1. Pita is one versatile bread that takes in anything that goes in! This wrap sounds very healthy and filling...

  2. Well its a brillant idea and as you said from the looks of it, the meal looks so inviting!..I think the very concept of wraps came about for this reason I suppose..:)

  3. Pita wrap looks healthy and filling,sounds interesting and inviting.

  4. Very inviting. For some reason I have never tried Feta cheese and I see you dishing out recipe after recipe using feta cheese :) Shall love to get used to it.

  5. Wow, such a wonderful idea, with all the lefovers, you put this delicious and inviting wraps. Super. Sounds awesome.

  6. love this idea for lunch though I am not a fan of feta I can easily replace with mannouri

  7. Thats a fabulous wrap with all those leftovers. You are seriously incredible and this wraps sounds filling and highly irresistible.

  8. Really pita breads have come so nicely and pocket full of tempting me so much.

  9. When we make some thing just casually, it somehow comes out to be good, this is what I feel. This happen with me many a time, but i'm never able to take pics at that time. Hats off to your foresight :)

  10. Love the idea of filling vegetable salad with feta in pita wraps. A healthy and filling wrap.


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