Cauliflower and Tomatillo-Red Bell Pepper Chutney Stuffed Sourdough rolls

Stuffed bread rolls are perfect for weekend brunch. Most of the prep work happens the night before. The day you want to bake these all you have to do is heat the oven and pop them in. This is the reason they are my favorite when my daughter is visiting. I can prep everything ahead of time and let the refrigerator and then the oven do all the work.

I like to make something new and different when my daughter visits from college. I have made stuffed rolls before but changing the stuffing makes for a completely new recipe. This time I used tomatillo and red bell pepper chutney mixed in with some cauliflower. You can take any chutney/sauce you have on hand, mix it with minced vegetables, saute until almost dry and use it as stuffing for these rolls.

The sourdough rolls are my recipe made with whole wheat flour. The end result is wholesome, filling and flavorful.

You will need (for 6 buns)
For the bun
100 gm 100% sourdough starter
190 gm water
20 gm sugar
30 gm olive oil
330 gm white whole wheat flour
8 gm salt

For the stuffing
1 head cauliflower, cut into tiny florets or minced
1 cup chutney, I used tomatillo and red bell pepper chutney
1 tbsp. oil (vegetable or olive oil)

For the chutney
1 large tomatillo
1 red bell pepper
1 tbsp. oil (vegetable or olive)
1 tsp mustard seeds
1 tsp channa dal
1 tsp white sesame seeds
3-4 curry leaves
1/4 cup roasted peanuts
salt and red chilli pepper powder to taste

The night before combine all the ingredients for the buns in a mixing bowl and form a soft dough. Cover and keep aside for 30 minutes. Uncover, reach down to the bottom of the far side, pick up the dough and fold it over the top towards you. Turn the bowl 90 degree and repeat. Continue until you have gone around twice. Cover and keep aside. Repeat this stretch and fold procedure two more times every half hour. Finally cover and keep aside for at least 4-5 hours. Alternately, keep refrigerated overnight.

Before you are ready to stuff and shape the rolls prepare the stuffing. For the chutney chop the peppers. Peel and chop the tomatillos. Heat oil in pan. Add the mustard seeds, sesame seeds and channa dal. When the mustard seeds sizzle add the curry leaves and peanuts.

When they change color add the chopped vegetables. Saute until cooked.

Turn off the heat and let it cool. Run it through a blender to desired consistency and keep aside.

Heat a 1/4 cup of water in a pan. Finely chop the cauliflower, you could mince it if you like. Add it to the heated water and let it cook on medium/high heat until done but not mushy.

Lower the heat a little to medium/low. Add the chutney and adjust seasoning. Remember the bread does not add much flavor so the stuffing has to compensate for that. Saute until it is dry with very little moisture. Cool.

Take the dough out on to a lightly floured work surface. Divide the dough into equal parts of about 70-80 gm each. Begin working each piece of dough into a bread roll like in my original sourdough buns recipe. When you have a smooth surface flatten the dough and stuff it with the stuffing. Bring all the sides together and continue shaping.

Place each roll in a baking sheet. Cover and place the sheet in the refrigerator and let it rise overnight. When you are ready to bake preheat the oven to 375 F. Place the baking sheet, uncovered, in the oven and bake for 30-33 minutes.

Cool on a baking rack and enjoy!


  1. Beautiful bake.. love the stuffed bread..delicious bake..

  2. The chutney sounds so flavourful and delicious. Using it along with cauliflower will make some yummy stuffed rolls.

  3. Awesome Varada, how I wish I can grab these off the screen!..yummy stuffing and the side dish too...

  4. Ohh that bun looks delicious varada, i m drooling at that filling, looks fab!!!

  5. Thats an interesting stuffing for the rolls especially i love that tomatillo chutney idea. Those rolls looks absolutely gorgeous.

  6. Those rolls are soo perfectly made Varada - evenly shaped and beautifully browned. That cauliflower/tomatillo chutney filling sounds unique and delicious.

  7. Oh lord, look at those buns! Such a beautiful brown crust and the filling sounds absolutely delish... awesome bake!

  8. Lovely stuffings and yummy rolls.. It makes a whole meal for me..

  9. Loved this stuffed bun and they look so delicious and flavourful .

  10. Wow this is super innovative. I read the title twice when I saw the pic. Adding cauliflower in a bun is wow. Hats off to you.

  11. Wow! What a beautiful bread ! Love that study , super flavours !
    Obviously it’s slimy for you but totally exotic for me . Super one Varda .

  12. Intresting stuffing and those rolls are perfectly shaped.Wish to have some.

  13. I like Stuffed buns, since it will stay soft and not chewy. This looks so perfect.

  14. thought I commented here earlier... anyways..

    The chutney idea sounds delish, and glad your daughter also loved it. perfectly shaped buns with that stuffing.. You should conduct a Masterclass sometime Varada , would love to get some bakign tips from you !

  15. I love how you were able to pack the filling so tight so the final rolls did not have any air gaps when you cut them open and the filling sounds like such an awesome idea!

  16. Those buns have browned evenly and with that spicy stuffing, sound delicious.

  17. Love the stuffed buns. Especially the savoury ones. Looks too good

  18. My mouths watering looking at the buns n being close to lunchtime does not help. I will definitely try it out but first I need to get the sour dough right.


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