Millet, Chickpea and Buckwheat Flour Crackers

I buy whole millets, buck wheat groats, oats and anything else that catches my eye in the Whole Foods bulk bins. I lightly roast, cool and grind each one to a fine powder in my Vitamix dry grinder. I combine all the flours and use as needed mostly for crepes/dhirdi. Lately I have used it to make crackers. When I started experimenting with different flours for crackers this mixed flour seemed like a good candidate. Last month I posted the recipe for Besan or Bengal gram flour crackers and Semolina crackers. This post was supposed to be the third of that series but for some reason I forgot to schedule it to post. So I am posting it today.

I blog with a group of fellow bloggers for a monthly event called Blogging Marathon. Posts are based on themes and one of the themes I picked this month is Elevenses. A quick google search says Elevenses is a meal from the Lord of the Rings. I have read all the books but I could not remember Elevenses. Luckily for me I now have the books on Kindle and there is a search option. The only reference was to the 'expected party' but even that was so vague I wondered why the series show up in a google search for Elevenses. Then I found it has to do with the movies and not the books. As I am a fan of the books let us leave it at that.

So what is Elevenses? Is it food eaten at eleven? The answer is yes and no. If you lived and followed the meal pattern of the country in which Elevenses originated then food you ate at eleven would be Elevenses. This would include a very light snack with a drink like tea or coffee. So would it be okay to have this meal at ten? Of course! Elevenses is really a light mid morning snack. A snack that keeps you going till lunch but is light enough to not ruin your appetite for lunch. This week I will post some light snacks.

You will need (45 crackers)
1 cup flour (I used combination of millets, buckwheat and oats)
1 cup sourdough starter 100%
1 tsp salt
1 1/2 tsp paprika
1 tbsp. dried basil or any combination of dried herbs
2 tbsp. oil (I used olive oil)

Combine all the ingredients in a bowl and knead into a ball of dough. Cover and refrigerate for an hour.

Preheat the oven to 400 F. On a piece of parchment paper roll out the dough into a think sheet. Using a pizza cutter or a specialized roller cut into the desired size. I cut the dough into rectangles.

Bake in the preheated oven for 20 minutes. Cool on a cooling rack.



  1. Crackers with sourdough must have tasted delicious , these crackers would make an amazing munch with a dip .

  2. With sourdough and mixed flour, this is such a delicious snack for the eleven'o clock hunger pang. I would love this with a cup of coffee.

  3. Wow, thats an amzing crackers to munch without any fuss. Sourdough and mixed flour combination looks fantastic. Would love the have some anytime.

  4. Crackers with millets and sourdough is a definite win win. I am yet to dive into the sourdough stuff. But I bet they would be flavorful.

  5. Wow Varada, your Crackers look so fantastic! I am sure having all the different grain flour is such a healthy option. Munching on these crackers must be so interesting too.

  6. Crackers with sourdough starter is something new. These savory crackers sounds really good and this is a great tea/coffee accompaniment. Good one.

  7. These crackers packed with healthy ingredients would win over commercial stuff any day.

  8. What a great cracker this is and with all those healthy whole grains, this is absolutely a guilt free snacking option.

  9. these healthy crackers would be perfect with a bowl of soup


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