Beet Koshimbir (Beetroot salad)

My mother made this recipe often. It is one of my favorite koshimbirs/salads. There are only four ingredients and two of them are salt and sugar. This brings out the taste of the beetroot. If you love beetroot this recipe is for you. It makes a great addition to the everyday meal of poli/Indian flatbread and sides.

Koshimbir is usually a second side in the traditional meal. It is usually made with raw ingredients or ingredients in a form as close to raw as possible. Koshimbir is nutrient rich and allows you to add color and seasonal variety to the meal. It provides a different texture and is easy to prepare.

I posted this recipe several years ago. The pictures were not really good and needed an update. Now, 4 years later I finally got round to it.

You will need
2 medium sized beetroots
1/2 - 3/4 cup yogurt
1 tsp. sugar
salt to taste

Wash the beets and cut off the edges. Slice the beets in half and place in the pressure cooker cut side up. Add just enough water to keep them from drying out. Pressure cook the beets.

Take out the cooked beets from the pressure cooker and peel. The peel should come right off. Shred the cooked beets.

Add the salt and sugar. Add just enough yogurt to bring it all together.



  1. Wow now that's one super quick dish Varada. I love fresh beets, so with curds, it must taste great too..

  2. Beet always makes every dish so vibrang and inviting... because of color and nutritional value.

  3. What a healthy and quick salad. I love that you've added yogurt to it. Its funny how some recipes we cook nearly everyday and yet forget to take better photos to update on our blogs.

  4. My mom always says that sugar is a ust in beetroot. I am glad our moms agree :) Love the salad.

  5. Wow this is a nice koshimir. I bet this would also along with some chips as a dip. awesome share.

  6. I love beets with curd. Usually I make a raw salad, but this version of cooking beets first sounds so good. It would make a colourful side to the meal..

  7. Dunno why i do rarely salads with beetroots as everyone at home love them very much in stir fries. Should give a try to this salad. Very catchy dish.

  8. I like beetroot raita but in the form of salad with just a small amount of curd is also a good idea

  9. beets are one of my fave veg and love this simple preparation

  10. Love the use of beets with yogurt. I love beetroot curry with yogurt rice. I am sure this will be something that I love.

  11. I seldom cook with beet as we all love it raw only but this kosambiri I have been planning to make since forever. Love the color of cooked beets.


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