French Crepes with Banana and Nutella

This month I joined bloggers on the Blogging Marathon (BM) for their 36th edition. I made a 2 week commitment for 6 recipes. I figured I could manage 6 recipes without bailing out and that would give me time to decide whether this is something I can do on an ongoing basis.  

Over the last ten days I have enjoyed the little peek that I have gotten into the world of the marathon bloggers. I have also enjoyed finding recipes for the theme I picked and my family has enjoyed their dinner.

As soon as the themes were announced I started planning. I love to plan ahead. In my opinion having a career while raising a family can be achieved only with meticulous planning and now it is second nature. As such, the day after the themes were announced I found an hour to spare and looked up recipes I would like to cook. My teenager, the procrastinator, said "Mom, you really should just go with the flow. Why do you have to plan everything?" I replied, "Honey, I am going with the flow I just like to nudge the flow in the direction I want." Once I had all the ducks in a row I was happy.

The first theme I picked, from all the themes for this edition of the BM, was European Cuisine. Ever since we visited Paris and had French crepes I wanted to try them out at home. So naturally I picked sweet crepe as my first recipe.

Most regions in the world have a preparation similar to a crepe, some with fermented batter some without. Like the dhirdi from Maharashtra, French crepe batter is not fermented. Dhirdi contains a combination of besan, rice flour, rawa, chestnut powder, wheat flour or any other flour you may have handy. Just like crepes the batter is allowed to rest for a couple hours and then cooked in thin sheets on the pan.

Crepes are very popular in French. They are a common street food and a common breakfast food. There is even a day in Early February on which most families in France prepare and eat crepes. We visited Paris in summer so we had strawberry crepes. I wanted to make sweet crepes and use fresh fruit but could not find fresh strawberries so I switched to banana instead.

You will need
For the crepe
1 cups all purpose flour
2 eggs or 1 cup water
1.5 cups milk
a pinch of salt

For the filling
2 sliced bananas
5 tbsp. Nutella

1/8 tbsp. butter

Mix all the ingredients for the crepe and let it rest for a couple of hours. The batter should be fairly runny in order to make thin crepes. Use milk to thin it out if needed.

Heat a griddle pan on medium high heat. Spread the butter around to prepare the pan. Pour a ladle full of batter and spread it around either by turning the pan around or spreading the batter using the back of the ladle in a circular motion in ever expanding circles.

Let it cook for about a minute. Test the bottom to ensure it is brown and flip the crepe over.

When the second side is cooked flip the crepe over again and fold in half. Spread a tbsp. of Nutella on the surface using a butter knife.

In the center add the bananas.

Fold the sides to form a cup and serve hot.


  1. With that Nutella, I can gobble them up. :)
    BTW, welcome to BM group.

  2. I am sure the crepes taste yumm..Unfortunately my kids don't relish nutella :(

    1. You can use chocolate glaze instead of the nutella

  3. Tasty one love nutrella addition in it

  4. when I was in Paris, I too would stop at the creperie for this combo. Trust me, the BM becomes quite addictive and it was such a pleasure with you joining us this month

  5. Deliciously made crepes,looks so tempting....

  6. Varada, welcome to the group..I enjoyed reading your intro and about Dhirdi..It's good when we do a study about similar dishes in different cuisine, that helps one master a new cuisine sooner than one can imagine. And I can't agree less on planning, without planning I don't think we can get anything done on's good to have you on board..

  7. Crepes look delicious with that fruit filling.


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