Panha (Green Mango Drink)

Panha is a cool refreshing drink made with unripe green mango. It is a seasonal drink that can be made only when unripe mangoes are available in the market from March to May.

Panha takes me back to my school days. My mother used to make this drink for us when we got back from school. We would reach the house around 4:30 pm famished and hot. Goa where I grew up had one season - summer. It was milder in December and unbearable in April. This cool drink was most welcome on those hot days.

During the month of Chaitra Ambyachi dal (ambe dal) and panha both featuring unripe green mangoes are very popular in Maharashtrian homes. There are a couple ways of making panha. Today I am posting the recipe for panha made with cooked unripe green mangoes.

This is the 150th post on this blog. I wanted it to be something sweet and sour.

You will need
1 large unripe green mango
1/4 cup sugar
1 pod cardamom
a pinch of salt

Pressure cook the mango with a little water.

Peel the mango and strip the cooked pulp from the seed. Transfer the pulp to a blender. Add 1 cup of water and the sugar. Blend together. Shell and pound the seeds of the cardamom. Add them to the concentrate. This concentrate can be refrigerated until it is needed. Pour the concentrate into three glasses. A half a cup of water to each glass and mix together. Serve chilled.


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