Awan Bangwi (Steamed Rice dessert)

Today I am posting a recipe from Tripura. Every day this month I will post a recipe from a different state in India.

Tripura is one of the last states I cooked for. It is one of the Northeastern states of India. It was really difficult to pick a recipe for this state. At first I wanted to make something savory but we were all weary of experiments. So I decided to go with a dessert.

I picked Awan Bangwi as all the ingredients looked like they would go well together. And they did. I did not have the Laiu leaves called for in the recipe so I used banana leaf instead. During Ganesh Chaturthi we make patoli, a sweet very similar to this one. It is steamed in turmeric/haldi leaves. I wanted to use turmeric leaves for this recipe but could not find them. I made only a small amount as a trial.

I small milestone for me with this post, it is my 200th post.

You will need
1/4 cup rice (a local variety is used, but I used brown basmati)
4-5 Cashew
10-12 Raisins
1 tbsp. Butter or Ghee (I skipped this)
1 tiny piece of Ginger

Soak the rice overnight in water. Soak the raisins in water for an hour. Break up the cashew in small pieces. Grind the rice with very little water along with crushed ginger to form a thick paste. Add the cashews and raisins.

Wash the banana leaves. Form a cone with the leave and stuff with the paste. Seal shut with toothpick. Repeat for the remaining paste. I got two cones from the amount I had. Steam the stuffed cones in a pressure cooker for 10 minutes. When cooled unwrap.



  1. wow that is delicious!!! well made Varada!! Even I cooked Tripura last...

  2. Ah thats a clever idea to grind the rice and steam. .it has come out very well. .may be I will make it again.
    Sometime later:)

  3. good pick Varada, this one though looks simple requires a lot of skill, you have made it very well

  4. Just saw bangwi at Vaishali's place, yours looks very different from her.. Grinding rice and steaming sounds very interesting.

  5. This is surely has come out nice Varada, you have been very adventurous for sure..:)

  6. This is an awesome dish and you are right it reminds me of patoli. Great pick for the state.

  7. Good one Varada. I can't lay my hands of plantain leaves also so I gave up on these!

  8. That is a such a traditional and amazing dish from Tripura.

  9. Awan bangwi sounds interesting,loved the shape..Such a delicious and authentic Dish..

  10. Cone shaped sweet is cute. Looks more like kulfi. Nice to know the recipe worked about you liked it.

  11. The dish would have tasted really good with the mild flavor of banana leaves incorporated into it when steaming. Looks lovely!

  12. Congrats on the milestone Varada and a nice way to celebrate esp with a NE dessert!

  13. wow very well made bangwi looks fabulous and i wud love to taste this sweet now :)

  14. that's a really different dessert.. for once a dessert that's not calorie laden. nice choice

  15. must have nice soft texture - truly unqiue

  16. This one sounds delicious. You have come up with some interesting recipes from this region.
    BTw congratulations for reaching 200 posts.


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