Parippu Payasam (Mung Dal Payasam)

Today I am posting a recipe from Kerala. Every day this month I will post a recipe from a different state in India.

I have very fond memories of this payasam. The neighborhood where I grew up was very diverse. There were families from all over India. There was one family from Kerala. Every Onam three bowls of delicacies would be hand delivered to our house. The one I waited for most was this payasam. It is Kerala tradition to make it for Onam.

Kerala is small state on the south western coast of India. It has a very literate population as compared to a lot of other states. Onam is a festival celebrated only in Kerala. It is celebrated to honor the life of Mahabali from the story behind the Vamana avatar of the Dashavatar.

I have not had this payasam for a very very long time though I got the recipe from a friend a while back. As it was cooking the kitchen was engulfed in this lovely aroma. What took me by surprise was how that aroma took me back to my childhood. I did not realize I had such a strong association with it. I am so glad I made this payasam. It just made me happy.

You will need
3.5 oz mung dal
5 oz jaggery
3/4 cup thick coconut milk
1 cup light coconut milk
3 tbsp. ghee, divided
a few cashews and raisins

If you are not using fresh coconut you can use a can of coconut milk. I used Goya light coconut milk. Dilute the milk by half to produce the light milk. Use at full strength for the thick milk. Dry roast the mung dal in a pan until it is crispy and turns darker in color.

Transfer to a pressure cooker and cook with 1 cup water. The dal should be cooked but should not be mushy. While the dal cooks add jaggery and a cup of water to a bowl. Let the jaggery dissolve completely in the water. In 1 tbsp. of oil fry the cashews and the raisins. Drain on a paper towel and keep aside.

Once the dal is cooked transfer it back to the pan and add to it 2 tbsp. ghee, the jaggery solution and the light milk. Bring it to a boil. Let it simmer stirring occasionally until the quantity is reduced by half.

Now add the thick milk and let it assimilate completely in the solution.

Let the mixture cook on low heat for another 5-8 minutes. Stir infrequently.

Turn off heat. Add the cashews and raisins and serve.


  1. The first time I heard about this I was kind of shocked..could not absorb lentil kheer...I got a chance to taste it in Kerala itself...and is it!..looks wonderful.

  2. payasam is my hubby'd favorite food and he never has enough...moong dal is better and lighter liked it

  3. I love this well done..

  4. we make this quite often.. so well done!!

  5. My kind of payasam, i can have a huge bowl of this payasam anytime.

  6. Payasam has turned out perfect. Looks yumm...

  7. Delicious and yummy looking payasam...

  8. Love payasam with any dal. It is a must in my mom's kitchen for any festival.

  9. Payasam looks creamy and delicious.

  10. I love the kheer. Its delicious

  11. Never tasted it but looks delicious

  12. Drooling here. I have once tasted this at a Malayalee friend's home and just loved it. It was so yummy that without shame, I asked for a second serving. :)

  13. Payasam look so thick and cramy Varadha.Mom making something similar :)

  14. This payasam is even famous in TN isn't it ..I love this payasam a lot and looks very creamy and delicious :)


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