Makki Roti (Corn Poli)

Makki roti or Corn roti is a classic Punjabi winter roti or flatbread. It tastes a lot like corn tortilla. Makki roti with sarso ka saag (mustard green curry) is a very popular combination.

I have always wanted to try makki di roti but I was worried about ensuring it is cooked through. As it turned out that was not a problem. Keeping the dough moist enough to make the flat bread was an issue.

You will need
2 cups corn flour (use Masa or Bob Miller)
1/4 cup whole wheat flour
1 tsp.salt

Mix all the ingredients and using warm water knead into a soft dough. Let it rest for 30 minutes.

Heat a pan griddle. Knead the dough again and divide into lemon sized balls. Using a little water on your hand knead one ball of dough until it is soft. Flatten it on the palm of your hand as far as it will go. Place it on a plastic sheet and continue flattening it with your palm until you have a relatively thin roti.

Place the roti on the hot griddle and let it cook for a couple minutes. Flip it over and add a few drops of oil on it. Flip it over again and add a few drops of oil. Let both sides brown and take it off the heat.

Continue to prepare and cook the remaining rotis. Serve with bhaji (vegetable sides).