Pain de Campagne (French Country Bread)

This bread is made of soft white flour with a hint of whole wheat. It is leavened entirely with my homemade wild yeast. The high hydration and long fermentation ensures very good flavor. It goes well with brie and holds up when eaten with soups.

This country loaf was the most popular bread before the baguette took over. It is making a comeback with the resurgence in artisan bread.

Bakers percentage for this bread
All purpose flour 90%
Whole wheat flour 10%
Water 78%
Leaven 20%

I mixed the dough in the afternoon. After about 5 hours of bulk fermentation I shaped it and put it in the refrigerator to proof overnight.

In the morning I baked it in the dutch oven at 475 F, covered for 25 minutes and uncovered for 15. I got great oven spring and a fairly open crumb. The bread was very soft and had great flavor. It was good enough to munch on its own or with some Brie.


  1. That is a lovely bread! It turned out perfect, soft inside and crusty outside.

  2. Looks so beautiful Varada and lovely color in the crust...

  3. Wow, that is such a simple bread with so much flavor. Love the texture as well.

  4. Wow the master bread baker!!.love the bresd looks really rustic.


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