Mexican Meal

We lived 90 miles from the Mexican border for a long time and the food around us was influenced by this proximity. Our favorite restaurant served food from Mexico city. Today I have put together a meal inspired by this restaurant - #25 Green Corn Tamale platter.

For about five years before we left Arizona, anytime we wanted to celebrate with a meal in a restaurant we went for this platter.

I recreated the platter with green corn tamales, enchiladas in verde sauce, refried black beans, Mexican rice and a simple salsa. All of these dishes go very well together and make a delicious and tasty meal. The day I cooked this meal everyone kept peeking into the kitchen asking if I was done. I made them wait until I got the pictures. Once I had pictures of the meal I started with individual pictures. I clicked the tamales last with 3-4 tamales and asked the family to start dinner. They waited impatiently asking how much longer I would take. Luckily all the pictures worked out. I had no time to check before the food was all gone.

No new ingredients in this meal but I hit a snag when I tried to make Mexican fudge for dessert. I cooked the dessert while I made the other dishes. The rest of the meal turned out great but the texture of the fudge was way off. It tasted alright but I knew I had to make it again. I took pictures of the meal with the bad batch with the promise to myself to make it again so I could post the recipe. I tried it again and this time the texture was fine but it was runny. It did not set. My family was willing to eat it as is but I could not take pictures of runny fudge. And so I tried to fix it by reheating it, adding a little sugar and chocolate chips. And finally I got it right.

I learnt my lesson and for all meals after this one I made the dessert before I did anything else.

As they say in Mexico, Buen Provecho!

Here are the recipes for the dishes on the menu
An for dessert


  1. Every dish on that Mexican platter looks delicious. You have captured the Mexican fudge beautifully in the second attempt...

  2. That is one delightful platter, Varada. Now hopping on to individual posts to check out the dishes.

  3. One of my favourite meal, i can die for this beautiful dishes, that fudge is torturing me.

  4. LOVE Mexican food any time. Your choice of dishes is just amazing, love everything in that picture AND love the presentation as well.

  5. You must be having so much of patience to redo that fudge , fudge looks really decadent and sinful , I wud have grabbed some if I can :) wonderful spread again varada :) keep up the good work !! I know how time consuming it is to prepare such an spread , you are doing great job !!

  6. Wow Varada what a beautiful spread you have made..I enjoy Mexican food, though I might say it might be more indianised. anyway I felt the Mexican tastes much like our Indian..

  7. I can is one of my favorite and I am loving each and every dish you have cooked. The fudge pics are so awesome..fantastic.

  8. Fantastic spread of dishes, Varada. I love the enchiladas the best. The fudge looks very tempting as well.

  9. what a great spread. I tried making Mexican fudge few months back and had problems also. Your final version looks perfect

  10. Wonderful spread varada, that tamales are pulling me!!! Lovely spread and i can understand why the family was peeking into the kitchen while you were cooking!!! I m loving that board also!! :)

  11. Wow Varada wonderful spread. Love it Now I want to try it out.


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