Nori Tomagoyaki (Seaweed Omlette)

Tomagoyaki is an omelette that is made in multiple layers. Each layer is a thin egg crepe cooked and then rolled up. A sheet of nori is rolled in the middle to add additional flavor.

I made this dish as part of a Japanese meal and I picked this dish because I wanted to try my hand at rolling the egg. It was fairly easy to do until the addition of the nori. The omlette from that point on had a mind of its own. Lack of a square flat pan may also have contributed to the rolling woes. The taste is definitely an acquired one.

Recipe adapted from here and here
You will need
2 eggs
1 tbsp. dashi (kombu stock)
1 tsp. sugar
1 sheet nori or seaweed
1 tsp. olive oil

You need a special pan to make this omelette. I used a stove top safe Corelle casserole dish.
Beat 2 eggs in a bowl. Add the sugar and dashi and keep aside. Cut a sheet of nori to fit about 3/4 of the inside of you casserole dish.

Heat olive oil in the dish and add a thin layer of beaten eggs to it. Let the egg crepe cook on low medium heat. Using a spatula roll the crepe to one side of the dish. Pour another thin layer of beaten eggs in the dish. Lift the dish to ensure the egg mixture covers the entire bottom of the dish including under the egg roll. Once the crepe is cooked roll the already prepared egg roll over the newly formed crepe.

Repeat with another layer of beaten eggs but this time add the sheet of nori on the top.

Roll it up as before. Put the last layer of beaten egg and roll it up.

Nori Tomagoyaki is ready.


  1. great job and omlette looks yummy....

  2. I snack on nori sheets and this egg omelet is something I can try.

  3. Looks like fun preparation. Yummy omelet

  4. looks indeed like our alu wadi :) but this is a fun things to cook , nice omellete roll

  5. what an interesting preparation - would love to try


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