Tzatziki (Kenyan Cucumber salad)

There is a version of the cucumber salad in a lot of countries and Tzatziki is the Kenyan variation of this salad. It goes well with rice.

Finely dice half a cucumber. Combine with 1/2 cup of yogurt. Season with salt and a minced garlic. I never use garlic in my everyday cooking. It is one thing to add it to dishes that are cooked, it is something else to eat it raw. I left the garlic out.


  1. I use lot of garlic though I do not add it to raita like salads. .

  2. i tried garlic in one of these days and think the basic pungency has been reduced since the time i had tried in my childhood or may be my senses have opened try it once .

  3. not sure whether the initial comment went..but nice salad and i urge you to try the garlic version , as even i recently opened up to it

  4. Love this simple and creamy dip.

  5. The addition of garlic would surely enhance the taste of this try it the next might like it.


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