First Blog Anniversary Food Photography Event

I am celebrating the first anniversary of my blog with a food photography challenge. Food photography is a big part of food blogging so I decided to celebrate this event with a food photography challenge.

Most of us are learning to use our camera and all the settings it provides. Some of us are experts and take awesome pictures. Sometimes we make elaborate plans for a pictures and it turns out just perfect. Some other times we click in a hurry and end up with a perfect shot. I am asking you to share this perfect shot with all of us.

It would be nice to see a gallery of great food pictures and read about why the photographer considers the picture to be their best for this month.

The rules of the challenge are simple.
  1. Select your best food picture (just one) from a post dated between November 17th and December 17th 2014. If you like you can have a separate post just for the picture.
  2. Place this picture as the first picture on the blog post.
  3. Write a little about the picture, your props, lighting, camera setting or anything else that makes you feel this is your best for the month.
  4. Link back to this page in your post.
  5. Submit this picture using the linky tool below by the 17th of December.
At the end of the month I will post a round up of all the pictures submitted.


  1. Happy Blog Anniversary Varada. Will sure submit a pic for the event.

    1. Thanks Pavani. I am looking forward to your submission.

  2. I think I know what I am going to link to this event, unless I click something better end of the even.

  3. Wow congrats Varada.I will link a pic atlesat then I will try to read the readings after the pic.

  4. Hi, Congrats on your blog anniversary :) I am bookmarking this event. And share the Pic for sure. Really an interesting event. :)

  5. Happy Blog Anniversary Varada. Can't believe that this lovely space is just an year old. Awesome! Will surely send my entry.


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